zLine Technologies is a sports technology consulting and research firm aimed at providing the latest information and strategies for our partners. We specialize in data analytics, performance testing and measurement, eLearning and education technology, and virtual and augmented reality all within the sport and exercise industries.

We also offer athletic combine events to local teams and athletes to raise capital to fund future projects. Athletic combines are events where athletes are analyzed on their athletic performance, skill performance, and body measurements. We also offer performance training programming for athletes via eTraining.

The main focus of zLine Technologies, however, is to further innovation and technology in sport. zLine Technologies serves as a hub for innovation and creation of technology in the sports world. We serve as an incubator and idea generator specifically for the field of sports technology. Patent creations, concept and white paper creations, and prototype building can all be produced through zLine Technologies.

Our Team:

luUDc-PBZach Binkley.  Founder

Zach Binkley is an assistant professor and program director at Lewis University in the Exercise and Movement Science Program. His B.S. and M.S. are both in Exercise and Sports Science and his current Ph.D. studies are in Education Technology. Prior to academia, Zach was an Exercise Physiologist and Corporate Wellness Professional for Archer Daniels Midland company, Men’s Assistant Basketball Coach at Millikin University, and Higher Education Sales Manager for Human Kinetics Inc.

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Nate Branchaw.  ContributorIMG_1377

Nate Branchaw is a graduate of Lewis University with a B.S. in mathematics and a B.A. in computer science. Over the past three years, Nate has worked with Fitness 4 Change as a fitness instructor. Nate also played baseball at the University of Illinois at Springfield and coached a U18 travel baseball team.
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