Areas of Practice and Services

zLine Technologies consults in the latest areas within sport and education technology. These technologies are starting to synergize. They are coming together as one to do a specific function: improve player and learner performance. Coaching is teaching. Players need to learn. We can improve players’ performance, athleticism, decision-making, strategies, and growth through sports intelligence.

Below are the following areas we can help with:

Consultation and Strategic Planning

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We consult on all things within education technology. Students prefer to use technology within their learning and more and more classrooms are becoming “tech friendly” (Cydis, 2015). We offer information and strategies on best practices when merging technology with pedagogy. Within sport and exercise science, technology and pedagogy are becoming interlocked. We now teach our students, athletes, and clients through apps, video captures, and digital media. zLine Technologies specializes in the following technologies to improve learning within your organization:

  • eLearning
  • Wearable Technology
  • Blackboard Course Design
  • Android and iOS Apps
  • Web 2.0 Tool Classroom Activity Design
  • Classroom Management Tools
  • Program Website Creation
  • Digital Content

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Our founder has served five years as a higher education sales manager for Human Kinetics publishing, a key publisher in our field. With that experience as well as numerous other experiences and years of higher education development, zLine Technologies can provide you with the latest solutions in:

  • Curriculum Design
  • Course Design
  • Student Learning Assessment
  • Learning Analytics

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Data and Analytics

The area of data and analytics is quickly growing within sports and exercise science. The “quantified self-movement” is in full motion. This technology is used in numerous ways throughout sport, exercise, and fitness. Contact us to learn the latest strategies and best practices associated with this technology.

2016-06-21_17-52-53Sport Technology

We consult in the area of all things sports technology. From wearable technology to XBOX ONE applications, we can provide you with the latest ideas and trends in these areas. We specialize in things like user experience as well biometric tracking. Motion capture is a growing area within sports and we can help you understand this technology and its application.

Virtual Reality

We consult in the developments and latest trends within the use of VR in sports training and exercise. This rapidly growing industry is streamlining and enhancing the employee training process as well. We even use Virtual Reality to enhance the viewer experience within sport and eSport. This technology is limitless, so let’s see how creative we can be!

2016-03-16_18-57-31 Augmented Reality

We consult in the developments and latest trends within the use of AR in sports training. We also consult with business training practices using AR. This growing area is streamlining and enhancing the employee training process.

Performance Assessment and Enhancement

5onFiVE Basketball Athletic Combines

2016-05-19_12-51-08We offer athletic testing and measurement for your group or team of athletes. From body composition to athletic assessment, we can provide the information you need to so you can train at the next level.

Please visit the following site to read more: 5onFiVE



zLine Technologies is now offering online-exclusive training for athletes, teams, and the general public. Online training, or eTraining, is a new concept where training programs are designed and delivered to you remotely through technology.

Please visit the following site to read more: eTraining-General